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Thank you, Taylor Swift

It would take a controversy like the one Taylor Swift is enduring now for me to make a commentary on several subjects concerning the celebrated singer. At this time, Taylor Swift is on top of her game. She is a singer, songwriter and a business woman. Rather than play the game that has been beset of the entertainment world, she decided to go at it on her own and be her own person. Have her own label. Own the music she has created. Taken her songs when it looks like it would be locked up in a long court battle, re-recorded the songs and did what she had to do...and she is rockinʻ it. She is a singer and songwriter, but more so a voice of her generation. Her music is the soundtrack of the here and now. Older generations should take a look at the music she is making, the things she is singing about and perhaps get an indication of the things that are important to this generation of viewers and listeners, who are embracing the messages and music not only in our country, but around the world. I still donʻt know why it surprises people that Taylor has made a fuss in the community of the National Football League. What began as a nuisance to some watching Americaʻs Sport, the NFL is seeing that this is attracting a whole new legion of viewers. If hundreds of thousands, or perhaps millions of young women are watching now, imagine what the next generation will be like. Young women will become momʻs where football is an everyday conversation items. The NFL could NEVER attract that audience to the game, but this woman, just by her participation as a fan is doing it with ease. As people are starting to use AI for different things, I fear that Taylor being depicted in less than favorable pictures is a disease our country faces. This is where my generation needs to step up and be parents. Forget the teens and young adults. They are already past being children that would listen to parents. We have to start teaching right from wrong now. Taylor being put out in the AI world and having her photo distributed is bullying. What happens when people decide to put their ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends on AI pictures and throw them out for the world to see with no recourse for the one being victimized? We need to start addressing bullying. Itʻs happening with our teenagers and young people every day and as adults, we need to stop it in the schools. Thatʻs where we should be focusing our energy. As for Taylor: Keep doing what youʻre doing. Iʻm a fan! I like some of her music, but I love the fact that she is making good decisions and positively encouraging women across the planet just by being who she is. She should stop music when she decides it. She should love who ever she wants and decide for herself whether she kisses him in public or not. She is a human being who deserves to be happy, no matter what she does. We need more Taylor Swift in the world. Iʻm cheering on every good thing that happens for her and wish her continuous success. Own it. Love It. Make things happen for yourself and surround yourself with good people. To the haters: Too fricken bad. Go somewhere else to spread your bad juju and donʻt come near me. LOL ok Iʻll step down now. My very first sentence was a tease to this revelation: this subject has unleashed my silence from social media. But the more personal things: Iʻll post them here instead of on Social Media. Too many haters there...and Iʻll keep things positive here, which means I will be taking down comments as I feel needed. This is MY thoughts, my comments and my blog. Donʻt like it, donʻt read and go away. lol For everyone else, HI my family. Enjoy reading.

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