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Iʻm working out for the first time in YEARS!

As a reporter, I get to go to all kinds of places. Gathering information, I prepare to do reports on Hawaii News Now and give the information to our viewers on what Iʻve learned or discovered.

On the 50th Anniversary of the University of Hawaii Cancer Center, I spent the morning at the impressive research facility to find out more about what they do and the amazing programs that they have for those that are battling cancer.

One of the programs caught my eye. As a cancer survivor, Iʻm always looking to see how they could help people as a whole, but I thought “Hey this looks good!”

Part of the Cancer Rehabilitation Program, itʻs something called: iCare Exercise Rehabilitation Study. After I had interviewed one of the professors involved, I started to ask. “This program is a study, consisting of three 90 minute personalized training sessions per week for 12 weeks” and its free!

So how does this program benefit others? The program is a collaborative study between REHAB Hospital of the Pacific and the University of Hawai‘i Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science Department to better understand how exercise improves the health, fitness and quality of life for cancer patients.

So in taking part in this study, Iʻm being studied as I exercise and the information could be used to help others that are still going thru cancer now or in the future and make their battle easier.

How does this help me? Iʻm a keyboard rat and I donʻt exercise as much as I should. I still have after effects of my battle, kind of like my own battle scars. My digestion can be very difficult at times since portions of my internal tubing was removed. I always have to know where the restroom is and Iʻm prone to being uncomfortable to bad cramping. I am hoping that the effects of my exercise will help to make my body from being sore in the back.

Day 1 took 3 hours. Doing lots of different weights, running, walking and exercises and LOTS of paperwork; but its all important to getting what they call my “baseline”…a starting point to exercise and tolerance limits.

Now Iʻm into the regular part of the study, coming in 3 times a week for 90 min a day. Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays. Itʻs hard, but not supposed to be easy. The “Team” is excellent at keeping me motivated, advised and is always asking me questions making sure the exercises are hitting the goals Iʻm looking to meet. Theyʻre helping my posture, my leg which has kinda gone “wide” (right foot) since I was a child.

So the journey continues. Here is more information on the program, you can apply now or take a look at the reading materials. Mahalo to Hawaii Cancer Center and Rehab Hospital of the Pacific!

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