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Mahalo Kūhiō Lewis & CNHA!

For many of us, perhaps the first time we really heard about the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement is "Pop-up Mākeke". What a difference they made to many small business people who wait all year long to go to Merrie Monarch Festival to be part of the “market” where thousands of people shop every year. I was honored to be a host on the second season.

But as time went by, I heard the name or the letters CNHA in many other areas. Kūhiō Lewis gave testimony in strong support for continued funding for Hawaiian Home Lands, commented on the fuel tanks on Red Hill & helped many struggling businesses during the pandemic with "Pop-up Mākeke". That is only the tip of the iceberg on what they do.

When we were in the planning stages of the "Aloha4Tonga" fundraiser when Kumu Hinaleimoana mentioned that perhaps they could help in the collection and transition of funds to best help with recovery efforts in the Kingdom of Tonga in the aftermath of the volcanic explosion and tsunami that affected life to just about everyone in the South Pacific nation.

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