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Entertainment: Don't pee on Matt Damon's leg...

Matt Damon was on Ellen Degeneres' show when Ellen asked about getting stung by jellyfish; Matt's daughter was stung while in Australia. Matt explained that he was stung while in Japan and friends offered to urinate on the area. Matt knew it was a "old wives tale", an urban myth that urine would help. Matt knew better :)

It reminded me of growing up on Hawaii Island; from small kid time, you always heard and new if you stepped on a sea urchin, you would have a friend "shi-shi" on your injury to help; or at least you would have a lot of "friends" offering to pee on your leg. Hilarious.

Fantasy Island features Hawaii actress MaggieQ; it is NOT your parents Fantasy Island. I don't like horror movies and I wasn't really into seeing this reboot; until I saw the trailer. The familiarity of some of the characters and the beginning of the movie makes it interesting, but then I remembered the twists and turns of each person's fantasy. As I watched the trailer, I found myself wanting to see them movie. I'll wind up going. Can't wait to see Maggieq's character in this movie.

I am a fan of Michael Giacchino and I love powerful soundtrack music. Giacchino has done so much music for tv and film including Jurassic Movies, Disney movies and for me, my personal favorite...Star Trek movies. Michael did a concert of just LOST music, recorded it, but didn't release it. It will be out this Friday online (Mondo Vinyl) November 15, 2019. Henry Kapono is in Season 3 of the "Artist 2 Artist" series; playing music with artists on stage then talking about it. They were at the MACC last week; they will be at Blue Note Hawaii in Waikiki tonight.

Always encouraging people to support Hawaii entertainers, music and the arts.

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