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AUW Partners with HEI: News Conference Today!

The press conference for “EVʻs for a Better Hawaii” was held today at Tamarind Park in Downtown Honolulu; it was a day where Hawaiian Electric, HEI Industries Charitable Foundation and Aloha United Way gathered together to award 10 Smart car electric vehicles to 10 deserving local charities and non-profit organizations.  Congratulations to:

Aloha United Way Partners in Development Kupu Hawaii Meals on Wheels Legacy of Life Pacific Gateway Center Adult Friends for Youth American Lung Association Bikeshare Hawaii (2 vehicles)

Billy V served as emcee and was joined on stage by Hawaiian Electric CEO Alan Oshima,

  1. President and C-E-O of H-E-I and the chairman of the H-E-I Charitable Foundation, Connie Lau

  2. President and C-E-O of the Hawaiian Electric Company, Alan Oshima

  3. President and C-E-O of Aloha United Way, Cindy Adams

  4. Mayor of the City & County of Honolulu, Kirk Caldwell

  5. Deputy Director of the Hawaii Department of Transportation, Ed Sniffen

Billy V:  “Itʻs baby steps, but someone has to start things rolling.  Hard to say sustainable without someone actually getting cars out there on the road and people starting to actually get people into things like EVʻs.  The next decade will really see what our islands will be like and if we are good stewards of the land, mixed in with the reality of the world around us.  Congratulations to these businesses and non-profit organizations for their participation in the process.”

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