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Trevor Noah Wants To Experience “Aloha”

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Comedian, Social Commentary and TV Host Trevor Noah!

When you sit down with Trevor, its as if he takes a moment to analyze you.  See what kind of person you are.  He also puts you at ease from the moment he starts to talk story with you.  Like most comedians, he is fast and witty, but there is something different about Trevor.  He has a certain warmth in his wit.  Even when he talks about President Trump, (a person who seems to generate a strong response no matter whom you are speaking to) he does so almost down the middle.  It sounds like he will go on the attack which makes you smile (and youʻre ready for it), but next thing you know he is giving an opinion that is neither for him or against him and still makes a person think and debate….with a smile.

Wishing Trevor Noah much success, wherever he goes and travels.

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