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Billy V Radio Show – Podcast

Hawaii Entertainer and Television Reporter Billy V, inconjunction with BVO Enterprises begins a Hawaiian music Podcast to post every Friday featuring his favorite Hawaiian music!  This brings him full circle with the music of the islands he has loved and helped to promote for the past 30 years.

Much of his podcasts will consist of traditional Hawaiian music which he grew up with; not only in his house but in his first radio job at KKON Radio with Alapaʻi Abreau in the early 1980ʻs.  That love grew leaps and bounds when Billy V was taken under the wing of Jaqueline “Honolulu Skylark” Rosetti at 1420 AM KCCN.  Thru KORL Radio with Skylark and Krash Kealoha to KCCN FM 100 in the 90ʻs and Hawaiian 105 in 2013; Billy V has always been surrounded by Hawaiian music.

Listen for his podcasts with Traditional Hawaiian music, Contemporary Hawaiian Music and more in the weeks to come.

Billy V also still has his other love; music from the 1980ʻs/1990ʻs from High School days and his work with Zip FM 77.8 in Nagoya, Japan.  –  Hawaiian music  –  80ʻs, 90ʻs and more!

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