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Radio Family Tips #2: Resume update

Here is another in a series of posts for my radio brothers and sisters who were affected by the recent layoffs.

Revise and update your resume. Are the dates correct? Put anything on there that you have done like emceeing, Voicework, work with non-profit groups etc. Make sure your references are up to date with people that can talk GOOD about YOU. FYI: Parents and family may not be good candidates for references. LOL

Sit for 30 minutes in a quiet place and really think about what you like about your job, what you LOVE about your job. If you find youʻve complained for 30 minutes, time to make a different choice in your line of work. If you find like many of us, that your job is satisfying, making listeners happy and greeting them where ever you go, being an example for our community...if these things make you smile in your naʻau, then find another set of stations or periodically check back in with SummitMedia. They may rehire you! They will need people, they will need local people especially on our Hawaiian and Hawaii music stations. Our format is more than just music being played, it is a lifestyle that is alive and well.

This was meant for my radio family that just got laid off, but its for anyone that finds it works for them!

Some of the things to put down on your “To Do” list! See you on Friday 3:00pm HST for my livestream Billy V LIVE! You can watch it on Billy Vʻs YouTube Channel. Also on the Billy V LIVE FB page, HNNʻs Facebook Page & Billy V Sunrise FB page.

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