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Lina Girl Langi: Musician to Radio to Blue Hollywood Carpet!

So proud of one of Hawaiiʻs treasures in the communications and entertainment world:  Lina Girl Langi!

I remember the first time I saw them playing music.  Na Wai Hoʻoluʻu O Ke Ānuenue – They just released their first cassette and they were playing all over the place.  As they continued to entertain, They grew to be my my friends.  Lina Girl was a member of the group; I remember that Lina Girl used to do a lot of the talking/emceeing while they were playing.   She was hilarious and worked well with the group and had a great rapport with the audience.

They released their second CD and everyone went nuts.  Their song “Girlie Girlie” took the state by storm and they had the #1 song of summer 1996.   I remember telling Lina Girl on the “Stardancer” boat cruise that if she ever got into radio, I would fear for my job.  Little did I know that she would one day become my radio co-host.

Along with Jason “Pipi” Rezentes, we would work the airwaves on KCCN FM 100.  Eventually radio execs would have us part ways after our successful ratings run and eventually I would wind up working at Hawaiian 105 while Lina would stay at KCCN FM 100.

Iʻm lucky in that I have people that I can entrust my emcee events to when I canʻt do them myself.  Lina Girl is on top of that list along with good friends like Mele Apana.

On Monday my sister Lina Girl Langi was emceeing the Blue carpet in Hollywood, California for the World Premiere of  “Moana”!

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So proud to see collegues Iʻve worked with doing well in their individual endeavors!!  Lina Girl has also worked with Hawaiian Airlines Promotions Crew in the past; currently Lina Girl works for and proudly promotes the works of Kanileʻa Ukulele!

Congratulations Sis!!  Go get ʻum!

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