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Billy Vʻs Local Holiday Tips #31

Itʻs Monday and the holiday rush in on!!  Holidays can be a little stressful, so letʻs give a hand on the situation!  We will have the latest tips for you to help you out…but itʻs local kine!

Aloha No, Aloha Kakou; itʻs the beginning of the holiday season, and weʻre gonna get you all set because the holidays can be stressful. Iʻm Billy V, Time for your Local Holiday Tips

The shopping frenzy has already begun, but you know, before you get all into the holiday spirit, you might want to stock up on supplies; weʻre talking about wrapping supplies.

So head on over to your local store, get the things that you need because not only is this useful for wrapping your gifts so you that way you donʻt have to run to the store last minute; but also you can always use it for next year.  So get the wrapping supplies for those important presents early, get extra because you want to make sure you have a good supply.  Either that or you can wrap them in the tablecloth you used for July 4th…that could work or Halloween…

Stock up on supplies; weʻre talking about wrapping supplies!

Do you have some tips of your own you would like to share?  Head on over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment, a post or post a video and we might use it!


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