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Radio Layoffs: Tip #1 What NEXT?!

Here is another in a series of posts for my radio brothers and sisters who were affected by the recent layoffs.

NOW is the time to really work hard. AND dream. Do you really want to return to radio? Does it fill that music and interactive void and bring you satisfaction and the end of the day, week or year? If the answer is YES, keep reading. If the answer is NO…..🤣😂 keep reading anyway.

Go outside with your super awesome smart phone. Have someone take a picture of you with ʻaina in the background and not trees or poles sticking out of your head (thank you Lina Girl). Use portrait mode so it blurs the background. Make sure light is on your face and not behind you. Do it on a cloudy day, not a sunny day or it will be too bright on your face. Start using them on social media, sending out with resume to perspective employers, or just have on hand. Take several if youʻre “photographer” has the time. If you have an iPhone, donʻt forget to go to each picture, hit edit, then auto at the bottom. It looks like a pencil with three stars on the top. This will auto correct your colors; if you donʻt like it then hit “cancel”. Hit save and youʻre done. Mahalo to @meleapana, model for todayʻs tip. Photographer is me, Director behind me is @LinaGirl telling me to move over because there was a light pole sticking out of Meleʻs head behind her etc.

Watch Billy V LIVE Every Friday at 3:00pm HST!
Watch Billy V LIVE Every Friday at 3:00pm HST!

This was meant for my radio family that just got laid off, but its for anyone that finds it works for them!

Some of the things to put down on your “To Do” list! See you on Friday 3:00pm HST for my livestream Billy V LIVE! You can watch it on Billy Vʻs YouTube Channel. Also on the Billy V LIVE FB page, HNNʻs Facebook Page & Billy V Sunrise FB page.

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