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Guest on "Cheap Eats" with Guy Hagi as we check out "Gotʻz Grindz"!

Got the privilege to be on "Cheap Eats" with Guy Hagi! We went out to visit the Goto Sisters who grew up in the Kahala/Hawaii Kai area, attended Kalani High School and they have a GREAT place called " Gotz Grindz" in Kaneʻohe. Itʻs along Kamehameha Highway on the mauka side of the road right by the traffic light, right across the street from Saint Mark Lutheran Church. Itʻs a great place to get musubisʻ which is what they specialize in, but theyʻve got bentos and desserts; a full menu to check out. Itʻs not your grandmothersʻ musubis either; theyʻve have the latest trends from Japan for you to check out; they are either present or past flight attendants from Hawaiian Airlines and they go over to Japan quite often; they get to see what people are really taking to go! That is what their place is all about; no tables...itʻs just grab and go for good prices. Check them out next time you want to go get some ONO "Cheap Eats"! Mahalo Guy Hagi!! #cheapeats #onofood #onogrindz #hawaiimusubi #windwardside

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