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Billy V Radio Show-Podcast 011

Great Fun & Surf Set: Episode BVRS011  Podcast Notes: Nā Palapalai:  The group has recently reformed after being apart and doing their own projects.  Kuana has successfully put himself out as a teacher of leimaking, hula and ʻoli as well as putting out a series of CDʻs reflective of each island including the often neglected islands of Kahoʻolawe and Niʻihau.  This goes with a growing trend to include the islands in many parts of mainstream Hawaiian culture.  These two islands are extremely valuable and affectionately important in the history and culture of our lāhui.  Kehau Tamure and Keao Costa have also been busy with Keao Costa just releasing his solo CD (July 2019).  The three are wonderful entertainers and recording artists, but put them together and they are simply breathtaking.  The break seems to have provided them additional inspiration because they are “coming back” swinging for the fences.

Picture of Waikiki from Magic Island, Ala Moana Beach Park, Oʻahu.

I LOVE Alfred Apakaʻs voice.   He is just smooth, his voice is warm and he went up against some of the best crooners very of his time and perhaps ours as well.  His style is unmatched and had he lived past 40, what things he would have done; but not to diminish in any way what he accomplished while he was with us.  Tremendously talented and equally loved by his friends and family and all those who enjoyed his sweet smooth voice.  Love to Jeffrey and the rest of the family.

Anelaikalani was an award winning hula dancer with Hālau Ka Liko Pua O Kalaniākea, she recorded an amazing album at the age of 14.   Classic Kalapana music with the boys.  Their sound is just classic.  and it seemed perfect to put right there with C&K.  These two groups were dominant in the 70ʻs thru today.

Set of surf music with lots of people Iʻm proud to call my friends.  Miss you Ernie & Malani.  I see Christian Yrizarry from time to time but not enough.  I keep waiting for him to record again.  Havenʻt seen Butch in a long time, hope he is well; Sean Naʻauao I see quite often, congrats to his first Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award for Engineering; he has quite a few more on his shelf.  Even Jack Johnson who I got to interview early last year.  North Shore surfer who slips in and out, always giving back.  His good friend Kawika Kahiapo and the boys from Kaukahi…and just before that the unbelievable Loyal Garner whom I miss very much.  She is a heart of gold, and voice that was amazing and her spirit, something much needed around us.  

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