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Billy Vʻs Local Holiday Tips #61

Dishwashing for the holidays can be stressful; weʻll try to help you out; Iʻm Billy V with your Local Holiday Tips

Having the BIG holiday party this holiday season?  Well, Christine from Waikiki says, “Handwashing da fancy dishes is nobodyʻs idea of a good time so use the everyday dishes!”  You know what Christine?  You are absolutely right! No shame.  If youʻre outside, unless Dan Cooke tells you otherwise because itʻs too windy; paper plates might just be the best option.  Iʻm Billy V, with your Local Holiday Tips.

Do you have some tips of your own you would like to share?  Head on over to our Facebook page and leave us a comment, a post or post a video and we might use it!


Aired on Hawaii News Now – Sunrise on Black Monday Nov 29, 2016!  Copyright 2016 BVO Enterprises.  All Rights Reserved.

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