New Hawaiian Airlines Audio Program: Island Favorites

img_3511Hawaiian Airlines inconjunction with BVO Enterprises have Mele Apana and Billy V combining talents to showcase some of Hawaiiʻs best Hawaiian music.  You can hear their shows on Hawaiian Airlines TransPacific Flights on the HAL digital player available for rental when you fly on board Hawaiian Airlines.

Here are the songs that are features for Winter 2016 starting November 1, 2016 along with the song notes on the bottom after the list:

I Miss You My Hawaii Na Leo Pilimehana
Nani Kealoha Mailani Makainai
Lei Moaulahiwa Kuana Torres Kahele
‘Aina Hānau Nathan Aweau
Moanikealaonapuamākahikina Raiatea Helm
Te Mihi Nei Au (Tiare Taina) UA
E Na Kini Kalani Pea
Hiʻilawe Kanilau
One Day Soon Blayne Asing
Kuʻu Pua Maeʻole Maunalua
Pua Tuberrose Amy Hanaialiʻi
Coconut Girl Brother Noland
All Day Music The Manaʻo Company
Nani Mokapu Kumu Hula Chinky Mahoe
The Kumu Song Sean Naʻauao
Kuʻu Sweetie Natalie Ai Kamauʻu
He Lei No Aulani Kealiʻi Reichel

Here are some notes on the artists or songs being featured:

Na Leo Pilimehana is the #1 Hawaiian female group of all time with a classic song written by Kenneth Makuakane.  *NHH

Mailani Makainai is a former Female Vocalist of the Year with the video for Nani Ke Aloha just released; song written by former Miss Aloha Hula Kaui Dalire.  *NHH

Kuana Torres Kahele in 2014 was featured in the Pixar short “Lava” as the voice of “Uku the Volcano” with Kumu Hula Napua Greig.  Kahele just finished doing hula and music workshops in Russia and was on Russiaʻs #1 Late night show called “Evening Urgant” with host Ivan Urgant on Russiaʻs Channel One.  *NHH

Nathan Aweau is an award winning singer, songwriter/bass player who played with Don Ho in Waikiki, Oʻahu and as a member of HAPA.  Aweau continues his very successful solo career with the title cut of his latest solo release.  *NHH

Raiatea Helm originally comes from the Island of Molokaʻi and is an award winning recording artist; her latest release is an ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi compilation containing traditional, hapa-haole, contemporary and new compositions.

UA – is the combination of Afatia Thompson, Kale Chang and Kuhio Yim; this is a re-release of their 2003 CD with a few new songs thrown in; they combine soulful R&B in a Hawaiian trio setting and you get – UA.

Kalani Peʻa released his debut release on August 2016 and his song “E Walea” hit #12 on the Billboard World Charts.

Kanilau continues to play wonderful Hawaiian music started by the Chang ohana, and as time has continued, their children have also joined the ranks of Hawaii recording artists.  *NHH

Blayne Asing is one of the latest Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award winners (May 2016) with his release “Young, Old Soul”.  We feature his hit song One Day Soon.  *NHH

Maunalua is one of Hawaiiʻs successful and award winning groups that sing traditional Hawaiian music.  This is from their release “He Inoa”  *NHH

Amy Hanaialiʻi is an award winning singer/songwriter who is also a former Female Vocalist of the Year; from her release “Remembering Napua” which is dedicated to her grandmother who was also a very well known entertainer in her day, Napua Woodd.  *NHH

Brother Noland is an award winning singer/songwriter and author who has not only a successful solo music career but also is a member of The Rough Riders with John Cruz and Henry Kapono.  This is from the days with Brother Noland and Solbrea; classic Contemporary Hawaiian music.  *NHH

The Manaʻo Company is an award winning group whose members have also gone on to have successful careers outside of the group like Danny Kennedy (solo), Sean Naʻauao (solo), Kaulana Pakele (Ehukai), Weldon Kekauoha (solo) and Kuhio Yim (UA).  TMC was one of the primary groups responsible for the resurgance of Hawaiian and Contemporary Hawaiian music in the 1990ʻs and 2000ʻs.  *NHH

Chinky Mahoe an award winning Kumu Hula (teacher of hula with the hula school “Kawailiʻula”) who is also a Hawaii Recording Artist.  This is from his second CD called “Kalapawai Kuʻu Aina Kaulana”.

Sean Naʻauao is an original member of The Manaʻo Company; and like TMC he has both Traditional and Contemporary sides to his recording prowess and performing ability.   *NHH

Natalie Ai Kamauu is an award winning singer, songwriter and a former Miss Aloha Hula.  Winning past Female Vocalist of the Year several times; this is from her latest release “La La La La”.  *NHH

Kealiʻi Reichel is an award winning singer, songwriter and an award winning Kumu Hula (teacher of hula with the hula school “Hālau Ke’alaokamaile”).  His releases are among the most highly regarded and award acknowledged in Hawaiian music history.
He also had a speaking part in Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0


Catch Billy V mornings on Hawaii News Now “Sunrise” weekday mornings from 4:30-9:00am (entertainment reporter) and with University of Hawaii Athletics.

Catch Mele Apana Saturday mornings on Hawaiian 105 with Shannon Scott.a












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