Rainbow Wahine Volleyball: Senior Night This Saturday Night

Rainbow Wahine Volleyball fans wait all year long, they talk about the season like their child that has gone off to college in a foreign land.  When the season gets here, itʻs all too short...next thing you know youʻre coming up on Senior Night. Thatʻs what the UH Fans are facing this Saturday night when [...]

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Hawaii vs. New Mexico Saturday at Aloha Stadium Tonight!

UH Athletics Director Dave Matlin has been doing it right: Good People with Good appreciation and Good work ethics is improving the good and positive culture on the UH Lower Campus. Rainbow Warrior Football Coach Nick Rolovich is a good example of this as they head into tonight's game vs. New Mexico State. Go Bows!!

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Hawaii vs. UNLV: Homecoming!

Homecoming dates back to the early 1900’s when schools like Baylor, Southwestern, Illinois, and Missouri had “homecoming” where they had big banquets, parades and events that was climatically led up to a football game where lots of former residents and school attendees would participate.  Things were much simpler then and people would make the pilgrimage to “go back home” for homecoming. I’m not sure homecoming means the same here in Hawaii.  Lots of students […]

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University of Hawaii Rainbow Wahine Volleyball

Summer is over and usually that makes everyone sad; unless youʻre a fan of UH Rainbow Wahine Volleyball! It can often be a long wait; you have UH Rainbow Warrior Volleyball to tide you over and get you thru the spring.  Good thing the men and the women are spaced out like that.  Otherwise is can seem really long in-between seasons. The sounds of the crowd, sitting at the edge of your seat and cheering on the Rainbow Wahine are all part of the wonder of college athletics.  Add in to the mix the sounds of the UH Band, music to make the crowd dance and smile, and the cameras to put unsuspecting fans up on the board and watch as their faces light up when they see their friends or themselves on the big screen. There is seeing all of your friends at the matches, watching the people play for fun or prizes during the timeouts, catching t-shirts, watching the cheerleaders, knowing what you are watching is also on live television and radio; itʻs that energy that happens in few volleyball venues across the country. First night of volleyball:  Special as 6 members of TEAM USA that represented the United States of America in Olympic play […]

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Happy Birthday Robert Kekaula!

Birthday Boy Shout-out time…. I remember my first impression of Robert Kekaula. “Whoa!” That was it. 6th grade, Kealakehe Elementary School. Middle school if they had called it that, but the name was just Kealakehe Elementary. I was in Ms. Fujioʻs music class along with Kalani Mills. I remember we had to sing a song in class, it might have been of our choosing, Iʻm not sure. What I do remember is that between the three of us, we rated the girls from best to worst. This of course got us into trouble. We were yelled at and I think disciplined, or we had to read it out loud to the class or something embarrassing like that. I was of course bummed, not sure what Kalani thought, and I remember Kekaula thinking it was amusing. Another thing I learned about Robert growing up was that his sister was beautiful […]

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