Health Shock For Our Family This Past Weekend

For those of you that have been following my health for the past few years; it was one step back but two steps backward this weekend.  Not in my health, but mentally we received news that was a shock for our family. Our family doctor passed away from Colon Cancer last week. I had actually [...]

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I Made It Thru High School Because Of My Teacher

(photo credit: Newton Koshi/Konawaena High School Band Alumni FB Page) Last week Keoki Kerr (who now works for HSTA) asked me if I would mention last week that it was Teachers Appreciation Week perhaps talk with one of my teachers and do an interview by phone. It’s a wonderful thing that highlights the teachers that we have in our public schools. However, on that same day he asked; my MOST INFLUENTIAL teacher passed away just this past week. When I was a sophmore in high school, I was a drifter. I drifted inbetween groups of people and my grades weren’t very good. I was lacking direction and spent my days […]

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Family Photo Shoot

It was a great weekend with absolutely NOTHING on the calendar!  My family pretty much stayed home and cleaned house!  I had a lot of *radio* things that were in my office area that I moved either into boxes or into storage.  Only things that did not move was my Hawaiian music CD’s [...]

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