Billy V Radio Show – Podcast

Hawaii Entertainer and Television Reporter Billy V, inconjunction with BVO Enterprises begins a Hawaiian music Podcast to post every Friday featuring his favorite Hawaiian music!  This brings him full circle with the music of the islands he has loved and helped to promote for the past 30 years. Much of his podcasts will consist of [...]

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Billy V To Anchor Merrie Monarch Television Broadcast

BVO Enterprises is happy to announce that Hawaii Television and Radio Veteran "Billy V" will be the Broadcast Anchor alongside ʻŌlelo Hawaii (Hawaiian Language) Expert Amy Kalili for this yearsʻ Merrie Monarch Festival. Amy and Billy V will be joined by Kumu Hula and Past Merrie Monarch Judge Cy Bridges, Kumu Hula Manu Boyd, Kimo [...]

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I Canʻt Say Mahalo Enough For The Support!

Itʻs the morning after broadcast and Iʻm elated (and exhausted).  It was wonderful to see all the words of support from everyone.  I hope youʻll continue to listen to the "Billy V Radio Show" as we expand and entertain; Keep those requests coming by text, posts and video! I need to especially say mahalo to [...]

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Guest Blogger: Kuana Torres Kahele

Kuana Torres Kahele comes from Moku ʻO Keawe (Hawaii Island) and is a Nā Hōkū Hanohano Award winning artist. He has also learned hula from Kumu Hula Johnny Lum Ho and comes a musical lineage that he shares with people like Mark Yamanaka and Darren Benitez who also performed for Uncle Johnny. He is also a member of the Award winning group Nā Palapalai (of which he still holds the group name) and is a seasoned entertainer. Kuana speaks ʻOlelo Hawaiʻi (Hawaiian Language) and is one of the most sought after entertainers for Merrie Monarch Halau. Kuana has spent the last couple of months on the road from Hawaii to Japan and Asia; to Europe, the Continental United States and back to Hawaii again. He shares some of his thoughts from his recent travels as our Guest Blogger today. (In Transit to Calfornia from Europe and New York) – Back from almost a month and a half on the road with 8 concerts across Japan, my regular teaching gig in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka and 3 weeks in Europe for workshops. We are finishing up this weekend with two sold out May Day concerts in Pleasanton, California and then back to Hawaii! I have been fortunate to travel all over the world both through my music and for pleasure. Two things really stuck with me this trip: the incredible hospitality of the European people and the genuine passion students all over the world have for Hawaiian culture. I left feeling grateful and so proud of my Hawaii. I teach one week every month in Japan, so I already knew how enthusiastic the kepani are for all things Hawaiian. My school there, Ka Hale Ikena Hawai’i O Kuana, is focused on giving students an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of hula, mele, lei making, oli and a window into Hawaiian protocol. […]

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Merrie Monarch Festival – Broadcast

The Merrie Monarch Festival is always one of the most anticipated days of the year! The broadcast talent gets to sit with directors & producers and go thru script readings, pronunciations and walk-thous of the 4 nights of broadcast.  We will do this several weeks ahead of time to help mentally prepare us for the big nights; but it also helps put us at ease so walking in, itʻs a refresher course on where we will be mentally for the competition! Arrival for me this year was VERY different; I had to get the body clock adjusted 12 hours.  Instead of waking up at 2:30/3:00 for Hawaii News Now-Sunrise; I had to get my body up and going at 2:30pm for a 3:30pm call time. In the past I sat with Dr. Pualani Kanakaʻole Kanahele in the MMF Broadcast area; it can be a little intimidating – and it has nothing to do with Aunty Pua and how she is with you.  She is the most wonderful, caring, intelligent individual you could work with.  HOWEVER, knowing that you are sitting with one of the most brilliant minds in our Hawaiian culture, language and HULA, that in itself can be a little unsettling.  If you are not makakau, sheʻll know. 😉 It was wonderful to sit next to her the last couple of years working MMFestival.  HOWEVER – […]

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Looking Back at the 2016 Merrie Monarch Festival

Mental Note:  Take the Monday after Merrie Monarch off to recuperate! Merrie Monarch Festival is always a FLURRY of activity; itʻs like stepping into the middle of the hurricane; but in a really good way. From the moment you step off the plane in Hilo; the mood, the feel is heightened.  The Anticipation.  The Excitement.  Knowing you are stepping into the arena where the best, brightest and hard working aspects of our Hawaiian culture are coming into play.  Itʻs the Super Bowl on a personal scale where itʻs not just a game others are playing, itʻs a showcase of what we are made of, where we come from; our connection to our ancestors and our past; along with our present.  You can feel our kupuna there with us. From the technical aspect, applause and accolades go out to the Merrie Monarch Festival Committee.  Seeing what has transpired from what the Merrie Monarch Festival used to be.  Dancing on the floor of the Afook-Chinen Civic Auditorium, the fact that there was no craft fair and everyone was selling all over town to the point it was dangerous on the sides of the road and crowded to where it is now with all of the vendors concentrated on one place with great entertainment, food and more.  The shows at the hotels, the hospitality of Hilo; it all comes together.  Not to mention the actual hula competition itself with the staging, sound, seating, food, lei vendors.  Something to be very very proud of. It all comes together though, when the dancers hit the floor.  Itʻs what the festival is all about.  Each halau […]

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