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Nā Palapalai On Tour, Lilo De Lima Marries, Jake celebrates birthday and lots of Hawaii filming

Kamahaʻo Haumea Torres has been touring with the award winning group Nā Palapalai! He has been getting rave reviews as they continue to tour. Will he wind up on a Nā Palapalai recording? Lilo De Lima, bass player for Kapena & daughter of Kapena co-founder Kelly Boy De Lima; got married over the weekend at Bishop Museum to Christopher Sua Tuala! Congratulations!! Congrats also to Jake Shimabukuro! He is XX years old, but still looks like heʻs 18... Lots of productions are filming across Oʻahu; Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum P.I. are filming for television; Press Play and Next Goal Wins are filming for the big screen and/or streaming television. Peter Lenkov mentioned a couple of months ago that now is a great time for those wanting to make good tv with the streaming services all wanting a piece of the pie; theyʻre all looking for content. Great for Hawaii; hoping more movies head here!

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