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I Canʻt Say Mahalo Enough For The Support!

Itʻs the morning after broadcast and Iʻm elated (and exhausted).  It was wonderful to see all the words of support from everyone.  I hope youʻll continue to listen to the “Billy V Radio Show” as we expand and entertain; Keep those requests coming by text, posts and video! I need to especially say mahalo to “Team Billy V” and Poi Planet, who partnered with BVO Enterprises LLC on this dream.  We are now reaching out towards California and Japan in the next couple of months with partners on both sides of the ocean.  It will continue to be exciting from both a show and business standpoint.  We also want to say a HUGE Mahalo to 1079, Hawaiiʻs Kool Gold General Manager Dita Holifield and her staff.  They were also key and didnʻt let the “cat out of the bag” for weeks as we geared up for the broadcast.  And Mahalo to Keahiahi Long and Kumu Hula Maelia Carter for starting us off right with an ʻOli Aloha.  Mahalo to Courtney Metzger assisting and handling the Social Media Side.  Mahalo to our partners University of Hawaii/Honolulu Community College and the MELE Program.  Special shoutouts to John Vierra and Eric Lagrimas; awesome sessions with interns Von Eric Etrata, Michelle Bailey and Jaslyn Loftin.  I can feel the force growing inside each one of you!  There are also several anonymous consultants that will be nameless for now, but you know who you are; especially with the work we have ahead 😉 Especially fun was for those that grew up with the music we played last night.  Weʻve got another great show coming up in two weeks.  Mahalo to Associate Producers Guy Hess and Tracy Larrua, Sound Engineer Leion Van Osdol and especially my wife Sawako Van Osdol who has had to endure months of her husband behind the desk day in and day out; coming out only to eat and use bathroom and occasionally bathe (LOL).  You have really been patient while I pursued this dream and I thank you so much and love you.

The celebration of the first “Billy V Radio Show” will have to be short lived; Our broadcast crew is gearing up; some of them are already outbound for Hilo as we get ready for the Merrie Monarch Festival; with broadcast starting on Wednesday night on K5 The Home Team and on the K5 Website.  Hope you will join us for the broadcast from Hilo; then the Friday after; Iʻll be back on the radio!!  Meanwhile, see you tomorrow morning on “Sunrise”!

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