Nā Hōkū Hanohano “Aloha Is” Award

This weekend was such a blur with so many things going on.  Graduation at Konawaena Saturday morning.  Helping to produce the 40th Annual Nā Hōkū Hanohano Awards and emceeing.  4:30am the next morning, being out at the 5th Annual Honolulu Ekiden.  Celebrating the wonderful career and legacy of Coach Dave Shoji as hopefully gets to enjoy retirement (Canʻt wait to see him in the crowd at the Stan Sheriff Center enjoying with Mary).  It was an exhausting weekend, and it was the busiest weekend of the year for me. Iʻm finally sitting down to reflect on the wonderful award bestowed upon me this past Saturday night; […]

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Health Shock For Our Family This Past Weekend

For those of you that have been following my health for the past few years; it was one step back but two steps backward this weekend.  Not in my health, but mentally we received news that was a shock for our family. Our family doctor passed away from Colon Cancer last week. I had actually [...]

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Editorial – Alison Teal: Paris Catacomb “Surfing” Makes Naʻau Uncomfortable

Alison Teal has been described by Time Magazine as the "Female Indiana Jones". Being from Hawaii and having "Hawaiian" values, the treatment of bones even though in another part of the world just seems wrong. Her actions also come into question. Great for business and your brand, but does that make it right? Or am I wrong to impose my values on someone else?

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Another Legend Is Gone: Jimmy Borges

In an age when just living life is tough, Jimmy Borges lived it on his own terms and his own way. He was one who followed his passion thru and thru.  Never swaying from the local boy that grew up in Kalihi, he followed and made his name in the lights of Las Vegas and New York. If you want to read more on the history of this extraordinary entertainer and human being, Susan Essoyan wrote a wonderful piece in todayʻs Honolulu Star-Advertiser. […]

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I Made It Thru High School Because Of My Teacher

(photo credit: Newton Koshi/Konawaena High School Band Alumni FB Page) Last week Keoki Kerr (who now works for HSTA) asked me if I would mention last week that it was Teachers Appreciation Week perhaps talk with one of my teachers and do an interview by phone. It’s a wonderful thing that highlights the teachers that we have in our public schools. However, on that same day he asked; my MOST INFLUENTIAL teacher passed away just this past week. When I was a sophmore in high school, I was a drifter. I drifted inbetween groups of people and my grades weren’t very good. I was lacking direction and spent my days […]

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The Prince Is Gone

I loved Prince and his music. I did. Not many will say that, but I will. I knew of the 1999 album, but didnʻt really start listening to it until later; but Princeʻs music would become part of the soundtrack of my life. I remember going down to the Mazda dealership in Kailua-Kona in 1994 and under the urging of one of the sales persons, I drove a brand new 94 Mazda off the lot. I had only 2 part-time jobs, no where near the income to afford that car and the $300-per-month price tag for 3 years (with a lump sum at the end of the period). My Dad escorted me to the lot where we […]

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Merrie Monarch Festival – Broadcast

The Merrie Monarch Festival is always one of the most anticipated days of the year! The broadcast talent gets to sit with directors & producers and go thru script readings, pronunciations and walk-thous of the 4 nights of broadcast.  We will do this several weeks ahead of time to help mentally prepare us for the big nights; but it also helps put us at ease so walking in, itʻs a refresher course on where we will be mentally for the competition! Arrival for me this year was VERY different; I had to get the body clock adjusted 12 hours.  Instead of waking up at 2:30/3:00 for Hawaii News Now-Sunrise; I had to get my body up and going at 2:30pm for a 3:30pm call time. In the past I sat with Dr. Pualani Kanakaʻole Kanahele in the MMF Broadcast area; it can be a little intimidating – and it has nothing to do with Aunty Pua and how she is with you.  She is the most wonderful, caring, intelligent individual you could work with.  HOWEVER, knowing that you are sitting with one of the most brilliant minds in our Hawaiian culture, language and HULA, that in itself can be a little unsettling.  If you are not makakau, sheʻll know. 😉 It was wonderful to sit next to her the last couple of years working MMFestival.  HOWEVER – […]

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Looking Back at the 2016 Merrie Monarch Festival

Mental Note:  Take the Monday after Merrie Monarch off to recuperate! Merrie Monarch Festival is always a FLURRY of activity; itʻs like stepping into the middle of the hurricane; but in a really good way. From the moment you step off the plane in Hilo; the mood, the feel is heightened.  The Anticipation.  The Excitement.  Knowing you are stepping into the arena where the best, brightest and hard working aspects of our Hawaiian culture are coming into play.  Itʻs the Super Bowl on a personal scale where itʻs not just a game others are playing, itʻs a showcase of what we are made of, where we come from; our connection to our ancestors and our past; along with our present.  You can feel our kupuna there with us. From the technical aspect, applause and accolades go out to the Merrie Monarch Festival Committee.  Seeing what has transpired from what the Merrie Monarch Festival used to be.  Dancing on the floor of the Afook-Chinen Civic Auditorium, the fact that there was no craft fair and everyone was selling all over town to the point it was dangerous on the sides of the road and crowded to where it is now with all of the vendors concentrated on one place with great entertainment, food and more.  The shows at the hotels, the hospitality of Hilo; it all comes together.  Not to mention the actual hula competition itself with the staging, sound, seating, food, lei vendors.  Something to be very very proud of. It all comes together though, when the dancers hit the floor.  Itʻs what the festival is all about.  Each halau […]

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Travel to Hilo for Merrie Monarch and Day 1

Merrie Monarch Day 1 started very different from every other year Iʻve been to Hilo. This is the first time Iʻm not here starting on Sunday; usually Iʻm here all week long for Hawaii News Now Sunrise, but conditions were that I just couldnʻt be here all week long.  Too many personal commitments on the Oʻahu side to take care of before I could head to Hilo. Yesterday Iʻm headed to the airport for the Hawaiian Airlines flt 162 out of Honolulu to Hilo (1:32pm depatrure) and to be expected, the lines are long.  It will only get worse as many dancers, kokua and their Kumu Hula start to make their trek in the next couple of days.  Iʻm sure many are in Hilo already, but I know there are many more to come.  Watching them for a bit in line, HAL Employees put on their best smiles and tried to explain that itʻs just busy and itʻs Merrie Monarch Week.  Many visitors were genuinely interested, but there were several who were not and were just […]

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Hula Hālau Are Least Of Our Worries

Here’s the news story:  The Department of Agriculture has issued an alert for Ohi’a blossoms…ahead of the Merrie Monarch festival next weekend.  Hundreds of hula dancers taking the stage in Hilo are expected to wear the flower in competition.  However the ohia and any part of it won’t be allowed to leave the island.  Performers and spectators could potentially spread Rapid Ohia death, which has killed roughly 34-thousand acres of trees. Editorial:  Halau that are there for the Merrie Monarch are the last ones we need to worry about, although I understand the DOA’s wanting to issue the alert.  It’s a good call.  It will be the most that the blossom will be used, be out in public.  Understandable. However in defense of halau:  Halau are meticulous on use of native plants.  This is knowledge and cultural value that is imbued upon haumana from not only kumu but kupuna from the halau.  This is from picking (and not over picking), replacement/replanting if needed, and lots of respect as they are picking. (I remember as a teenager picking with a halau/ex-girlfriend on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea near Kaumana.  We were always taught to pray as we picked, reminded that anything we brought with us, nothing is to be left behind and that if a beautiful woman or kupuna wahine comes out of the brush, be very nice but pay her no attention and continue picking, unless somehow addressed.  It never happened to me, but I was always looking around just in case….) […]

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