Rainbow Wahine Volleyball: Senior Night This Saturday Night

Rainbow Wahine Volleyball fans wait all year long, they talk about the season like their child that has gone off to college in a foreign land.  When the season gets here, itʻs all too short...next thing you know youʻre coming up on Senior Night. Thatʻs what the UH Fans are facing this Saturday night when [...]

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AUW Partners with HEI: News Conference Today!

The press conference for “EVʻs for a Better Hawaii” was held today at Tamarind Park in Downtown Honolulu; it was a day where Hawaiian Electric, HEI Industries Charitable Foundation and Aloha United Way gathered together to award 10 Smart car electric vehicles to 10 deserving local charities and non-profit organizations.  Congratulations to: […]

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Merrie Monarch Festival – Broadcast

The Merrie Monarch Festival is always one of the most anticipated days of the year! The broadcast talent gets to sit with directors & producers and go thru script readings, pronunciations and walk-thous of the 4 nights of broadcast.  We will do this several weeks ahead of time to help mentally prepare us for the big nights; but it also helps put us at ease so walking in, itʻs a refresher course on where we will be mentally for the competition! Arrival for me this year was VERY different; I had to get the body clock adjusted 12 hours.  Instead of waking up at 2:30/3:00 for Hawaii News Now-Sunrise; I had to get my body up and going at 2:30pm for a 3:30pm call time. In the past I sat with Dr. Pualani Kanakaʻole Kanahele in the MMF Broadcast area; it can be a little intimidating – and it has nothing to do with Aunty Pua and how she is with you.  She is the most wonderful, caring, intelligent individual you could work with.  HOWEVER, knowing that you are sitting with one of the most brilliant minds in our Hawaiian culture, language and HULA, that in itself can be a little unsettling.  If you are not makakau, sheʻll know. 😉 It was wonderful to sit next to her the last couple of years working MMFestival.  HOWEVER – […]

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Hula Hālau Are Least Of Our Worries

Here’s the news story:  The Department of Agriculture has issued an alert for Ohi’a blossoms…ahead of the Merrie Monarch festival next weekend.  Hundreds of hula dancers taking the stage in Hilo are expected to wear the flower in competition.  However the ohia and any part of it won’t be allowed to leave the island.  Performers and spectators could potentially spread Rapid Ohia death, which has killed roughly 34-thousand acres of trees. Editorial:  Halau that are there for the Merrie Monarch are the last ones we need to worry about, although I understand the DOA’s wanting to issue the alert.  It’s a good call.  It will be the most that the blossom will be used, be out in public.  Understandable. However in defense of halau:  Halau are meticulous on use of native plants.  This is knowledge and cultural value that is imbued upon haumana from not only kumu but kupuna from the halau.  This is from picking (and not over picking), replacement/replanting if needed, and lots of respect as they are picking. (I remember as a teenager picking with a halau/ex-girlfriend on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea near Kaumana.  We were always taught to pray as we picked, reminded that anything we brought with us, nothing is to be left behind and that if a beautiful woman or kupuna wahine comes out of the brush, be very nice but pay her no attention and continue picking, unless somehow addressed.  It never happened to me, but I was always looking around just in case….) […]

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Merrie Monarch Festival Gets Closer!

Office of Hawaiian Affairs Newsletter "Ka Wai Ola" has an article that talks about the upcoming Merrie Monarch Festival!  Mahalo to OHA for including Billy Vʻs comments on the upcoming "Super Bowl of Hula"; he will be part of the TV Broadcast Team from Hilo, Hawaii for the Merrie Monarch Festival 2016. Click to see [...]

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Move for John Berger

Word from John Bergerʻs Facebook Page: "ISLAND MELE" IS MOVING TO TGIF John Berger should win an award for the amount of coverage he has brought to Hawaiian music recordings and the Hawaii Music Industry as a whole. John has been covering our Hawaii Entertainers for more than 40 years, but is an author as [...]

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Mahalo SMEI – Honolulu!

Mahalo to the Sales & Marketing Executives International, Honolulu Chapter as they allowed me to be their guest speaker for their event yesterday.  Good news, nobody threw fruit or fell asleep during my talk story time (at least that I could see).  While I was a guest speaker as well as others, the Keynote Speaker was the Mayor of the Big Island of Hawaiʻi; the Honorable Billy Kenoi. Iʻve been able to know the esteemed Mayor thru my relations with Hawaiian 105 KINE Radio and Hawaii News Now – Sunrise.  Over the years, Iʻve gotten to know him not only as a politician and celebrity, but as a Kanaka Maʻoli and a friend. Iʻve seen him hold talks and interviews including a 30 minutes interview that we did last year during Merrie Monarch Festival week in Hilo […]

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Attend the Merrie Monarch Festival

Wanting to go to the premiere event of the hula world? How To Get Tickets for the Merrie Monarch Festival! The Merrie Monarch Festival is a week long cultural festival that takes place at the Edith Kanakaʻole Stadium in Hilo, Hawaii.  It honors HRM King David Kalākaua who was also nicknamed the “Merrie Monarch”.  He brought [...]

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